Radio Televisión Española trusts Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales once again to renew its web transcoding system

News 18 November, 2020


The public radio and television RTVE (Radio Televisión Española) has decided to renew its current coding, reencapsulation, multiplexing, transcoding and packaging system for RTVE Digital, for which it entrusts, once again, the project execution works to Telefónica Servicios Audiovisuales (TSA).

The current system of coding, re-encapsulation, multiplexing, video transcoding and packaging of content in “”, requires an upgrade and renovation to adapt to the new requirements of the market and spectators with ever more demanding consumption profile. The RTVE website is one of the reference audiovisual pages on television, which requires constant adaptation to modern times, in which the latest technology will make the difference. Now, the viewer is who demands; and therefore, it is necessary to respond to a constant update in the processing and quality of the images.

The new demand of the viewer goes through more powerful volumes and processing, with greater control and quality that allows a better user experience.

TSA, thanks to the trust placed by RTVE, is in charge of carrying out a total renovation of the transcoding area. A renovation that not only includes powerful process management, control and monitoring software, but also provides a server farm , where transcoding and re-encapsulation tasks will be carried out , an optimized network infrastructure and a system for the storage of video files, audio, metadata, images, etc.

To carry out the execution, TSA has the support of ETIQMEDIA as a technological partner, a leading company in the development of audiovisual solutions, with a focus on artificial intelligence modules, process automation and content coding, surgically applied to the Broadcast market and technologies for audiovisual production . Its innovative and disruptive platform is specially developed for the optimization of the management, encoding and exploitation of audiovisual content through automatic audio and video processing , which makes it a leading solution in the market.

The solution, within the Etiqmedia Ingest & Coding platform, is a complete capture and coding system in which the coding, re-encapsulation, multiplexing, transcoding and packaging processes are executed in a planned and automated way. The system indexes in a database, optimized for textual metadata search, all the content that is captured and/or encoded on the platform, so that users can perform complex searches that facilitate content retrieval.

The entire system is based on optimized workflows, where it is possible to define which are the inputs on which you want to work, what operations you want to perform on them and what outputs should be generated. The administration and operation of the platform is carried out from the Etiqmedia Workflow Manager, a web portal that allows defining all the rules for transcoding, queue management, user management and priority management, as well as video/audio input and output assignments. Through the Workflow Manager, the ETIQMEDIA system is capable of defining all the parameters of a workflow (affected entries, work calendar, selected encoding profiles, destinations of the generated files, etc.), as well as automating the processes selecting a specific date and time of execution or frequency and start date/end in case of a workflow capture.

Among the possible sources and destinations of a workflow, the system allows both files from a predetermined location, as well as live signals from different sources such as SDI, IP, DVB-T, etc. In this way, the solution is capable of recording content from external sources, whether the internet or social networks, and broadcasting via streaming, selecting the encoding profile, delivery protocol and final broadcast destination (Youtube Live, Wowza, Facebook Live, Instagram, etc.). In addition, the new platform allows the editing of recordings during their capture and their transcoding for publication on the web or on social networks.

To be able to run ETIQMEDIA software, TSA includes a total of 8 Dell PowerEdge740 certified servers, in 7+1 configuration, where each server has the capture function and intake for four SDI signals and encoding the resulting files according to the specific profile.

This top-level hardware equipment provides the system with the ability to encode, encapsulate, multiplex and transcode in Full HD-1080p for up to 800 hours a day, in a configuration that allows the capture of up to 20 HD-SDI lines concurrently and the simultaneous encoding of up to 10 files or IP streams maintaining an encoding ratio of less than 30%.

The hardware system is completed by three client stations and a NAS-type centralized storage array with 138TB raw, which are connected to the servers through a redundant ethernet network made up of two Dell S5224F-ON switches with access via 10 Gbit / s interfaces in SFP + mode.

In a system of these characteristics, it is worth highlighting the important work of TSA as an integrator of audiovisual solutions, since the new transcoding system is perfectly integrated with the current iRTVE services, which include the SHREC system, the management of live shows and VOD, the subtitling system, the content upload to the CMS and the audio-description system. TSA guarantees the success of integration, thanks to its extensive experience and knowledge gained over the years, through complex projects of great relevance.

In addition to the development, commissioning and integration of the new system, TSA carries out specific training aimed at different user profiles on the platform (administrator, operator, monitoring user and consultation user) and a maintenance service for the entire system that TSA makes available to RTVE for a period of 5 years.